Easy Tips to Look Better in a Pirate Costume

Those pencil thin and impossibly beautiful airbrushed waifs modeling your costume have a couple of tricks up their sleeves to look great. Before you blame your genetics or late night snacking for looking bad in costume there's something you should know. Looking great when in dress-up isn't a matter of having the perfect body. Don't starve yourself or call your surgeon before the party to look good. There are lots of things you can do easily with your costume before you put it on to ensure you'll look great.

1) Number one rule of looking your best is feeling confident. Get confident by wearing a pirate costume that feels good, fits well and is in a style that you are comfortable with. Don't go nuts with some wild and outlandish costume that doesn't fit your personality. Costume parties are not the time for experimentation with new clothing styles that are new to you. Seriously, save the craziness for the party! Before pressing the buy button for that pirate costume, think about the type of clothing that makes you comfortable. Think about what kind of clothing you wear day to day. Do you like being the center of attention or do you prefer the sidelines? Do you like conservative dress, or are you out to impress? Pirate costumes can be flashy or plain, sexy or prudish, comfy or miserable. Chances are you already have a certain fashion sense. It's a good idea to stick to styles that you are comfortable with. Only you know what costume style you'll feel good with. If you're not comfortable wearing your costume, you won't feel confident. If you don't feel confident, you won't feel great and if you don't feel great, you won't look great. Dress up is fun for taking on a new persona. But remember, Halloween's not the time to experiment with your wardrobe style! Stay confident and fabulous in a costume style that you know you will feel good with.

2) Truth is, today's costumes use a lot of elastic and are easy to size. You'll get a great fit if you take a little extra time to know your measurements. We make our size charts accurate. So you need accurate measurements! Don't be lazy, get your tailor's measuring tape and carefully take your sizes. We've got a handy chart that you can use as a guide for determining the measurements you need. Use these measurements and compare them to the size charts for each of the costumes you are considering. Keep in mind that the sizing is fairly forgiving because all modern costumes are designed with flexible materials that make you look good within a range of sizes.

3) Get ready to splurge on accessories. Those hats, swords, flags and boots will make or break a pirate persona. Besides, props are a fun way to break the ice. What better way is there to get the conversation started than with an "accidental" poke with your dagger? Take a pirate hook and catch your target "unknowingly". Pirates didn't wear sneakers, so don't spoil an otherwise decent piratical persona flashing your Air Jordan's. A pirate hat adds an air of credibility and authenticity to any costume. Elicit the prickly danger and romance of piracy with a convincing pirate costume and the right accessories. If you want some adventure, add a wig, beard or mustache to your costume. There's a world of possibility for differentiating yourself from run of the mill costumes by accessorizing. Remember, if you make your costume silly or cool enough, it'll be a great conversation starter!

4) Don't wear your costume straight out of the bag, one hour before leaving for your party. You want the dress to look fresh and crisp. But after receiving your costume in the mail, it'll be wrinkled. A wrinkled costume will not look flattering because it won't fit well. All the detail will be creased beyond recognition. To get rid of the wrinkles take your costume to the laundry room and put it in the dryer. Give it a short tumble. Don't set the temp too high, and always check on the costume as it's tumbling to make sure it's not melting. Use your judgment here and don't increase the temperature beyond common sense. Start at low temperature and a short time, start at one minute. High temperatures can damage costume elements. Obviously, not all costumes, especially costumes with heavy plastics, are suitable for this type of treatment. Done carefully, a slight temperature increase for a short time in the dryer will really freshen up a costume and make you look great!

5) Grab a mirror, a friend, or both and practice being a pirate in costume. Get a feel for the costume and get used to wearing your new outfit. Prepare some opening lines and jokes. Don't forget some imposing and terrifying facial expressions! Enjoy yourself!

Keep in mind; lots of these tips depend on purchasing the right costume. Always purchase from reputable merchants who are picky about what they sell and have been in business a long time.

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